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African Tears

Search your heart, revisit your past and squint into the future, into your greatest fears, your truest loves. Then understand that the emotional and psychological traumas one family has had to endure - in the face of unabashed greed, ignorance and savagery - has been pushed to its limits; their lives threatened; their farm harvested before their eyes and burnt to the ground.
"If things are so bad in Zimbabwe, why don't they leave?" you may ask yourself. Author Catherine Buckle sums this up swiftly by asking a few questions of her own, "How much longer are we going to be made to pay for the sins of our fathers, grandfathers?" She wants to know why history cannot be laid to rest. Blame for the injustices of the past has been placed squarely on the white population of Zimbabwe; she wants to know why the nation cannot accept this blame, admit that what went on 100 years ago was a disgrace, and move on.

Beyond Tears

Beyond Tears is a searing indictment of the Zimbabwe Government's desperate land grab, the destruction of the country's agricultural sector and the suffering of those who worked and lived on those farms. It is, indeed, a horrifying story of how a country is being destroyed by a government determined to retain power at all costs.
Preface - Bill Saidi, Daily News
In the book, she talks to the family of a murdered farmer and to five farmers who were abducted with him from the apparent safety of a police station. She also interviews two women who were viciously raped and afterwards found it difficult to find anyone who would help them.

Then, she goes back to her once-thriving farm and finds it has been turned into a squatter camp. Beyond Tears is a sequel to her moving account of how she and her husband turned a 1000 hectare rocky piece of land near Marondera into a productive farm, only to lose it to a group of "war veterans" ten years later. This was published in a best-selling book, African Tears, in 2000.

Cathy Buckle is a writer living in the town of Marondera, Zimbabwe. She is the author of three children's books, also writes a weekly email letter, which is sent around the world, on conditions in Zimbabwe. Despite the Zimbabwean Government and the heavy restrictions placed on journalists and writers, she is determined that the truth about her country, in which she was born, should be known.
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