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Wildlife & Environment Disaster unfolding


A message from the webmaster:

There is a lot going on in Zimbabwe right now.
In fact, since the elections, the speed of land invasions have accelerated to such an extent that farm owners, their workers and families are now given little, if any, time to evacuate their farms or face dire consequences.
This section of the web site is currently being set up to tell the truth about what is happening. You see, the affected parties are unable to speak for themselves. These are the beloved pets and farm animals being left behind as farmers and their families escape in fear of their lives. This section is dedicated not only to these animals but to the extremely brave women and men who risk their lives every day to retrieve and save the lives of these unfortunate animals.

A pet dog, victim of a slashing

Please read this....and if you can...please help by contacting:
ANN KEMPEN (9am to 5pm) on tel/fax ++27-21-7824445 or mobile ++27-21-82-5705796.


With global events focusing on the innocent victims of warfare, we are ignorant of another type of victim of an equally vicious war right on our doorstep. When Robert Mugabe "vowed" to cease farm invasions, he announced in the same breath that the "dissidents" were not under his control, thus ensuring that the farm invasions could continue, just under another name.

Farmers have under an hour to leave their properties, thus domestic and farm animals are mostly left on the farms, in the hope that they can be rescued later. Unfortunately this is seldom the case. Domestic animals are locked up in the farmhouses, drinking from the toilets and shower drains, and mostly suffer a slow death from starvation. Livestock are left without water and food, and the cows remain unmilked, causing a dreadful slow death.

The latest atrocities, as seen on CNN, are mutilations committed by the dissidents to serve as a warning to farmers not to return. Dogs are hung alive from farm gates, children's pet ponies are having one of their front hooves chopped off and cows and sheep are being hamstrung.

THE ZIMBABWE PET RESCUE PROJECT has been launched by a group of animal lovers who cannot stand by and see this tragedy unfold. We are raising funds to assist the incredibly brave souls in Zimbabwe who are going from farm to farm to rescue those animals which are still alive or to put down those beyond help. The funds that are raised are not given to any government organisation and are extremely carefully monitored and used for the following: (in order of priority) medical drugs and supplies, pet food and funds for fuel and veterinary bills. We are a non-political project and this is not political rhetoric, it is fact!

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They put down animals they find with broken backs, broken limbs and gaping wounds as a result of attacks by the war vets

"In the mayhem, a sow was trying to give birth next to dead animals. A large sow I thought was sleeping in a feeding trough had died where she lay. Piglets were so weak they were just falling over when they tried to walk."

Black Zimbabweans helping in the rescue have been described as "FEARLESS". They have rescued abandoned guinea pigs, chickens, geese, turkeys, guinea fowl and lovebirds.

On one farm, the team discovered a farmer who had locked himself in his house with his award-winning bulls in an attempt to save them